Ariana Grande Reveals Why Santa Claus Is On Her Naughty List

Despite her brand new Christmas single, “Santa Tell Me,” Ariana Grande is not a fan of the jolly fat man after all.

The 22-year-old pop singer recently revealed as much to the Daily Star, claiming how “repulsed” she is by Santa Claus.

“My song might sound cheerful,” Grande said, “but it’s really quite sardonic and depressing.”

Ariana sites the heartbreak she’s witnessed around the holidays as the reasoning behind her disdain for Father Christmas.

“I’m like saying, ‘Santa, what is your deal, bro?’ I’ve had my heart broken multiple times around this time of year. I feel although it’s one of the most cheerful times of the year, I see tons of heartbreak and they make movies about it. It’s like a (Wham!) Last Christmas vibe.”

Despite Ariana’s animosity towards Santa Claus, her Twitter feed certainly reflected the holiday spirit. Grande tweeted out several well-wishes during this Christmas season.

Ariana even doled out some sound advice for her fans during the holidays:

Meanwhile, Grande’s outlook on Christmas may be ready for a complete 180, as wedding bells might be in the “Problem” singer’s future. As reported by the Inquisitr, rumors are swirling that the singer and boyfriend Big Sean may be taking their relationship to the next level.

“Sean is giving Ariana a ring for Christmas. He wants to show her how committed he is. I’m not sure if he’s going to ask her to marry him — I don’t think he even knows that yet. But he got a ring made for her,” a source told Hollywood Life.

The pair had been dating ever since they first collaborated on Grande’s hit song “Problem” earlier this year.

“He’s so in love with her. It wouldn’t shock any of us if he does pop the question over the holidays because he’s already talking like she’s the one.”

Take that, Santa Claus!

[Ariana Grande photo via Daily Mail]

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