Orthodox Christian Nun Condemns Muslim Faith While Catholic Nuns Decry, 'Sister, That's Enough'

An Orthodox Christian nun, Sister Hatune Dogan, is struggling finding a location that will allow her to speak on the atrocities she has witness in the Middle East and around the globe. Though Sister Hatune has spent her life helping Christians who have been persecuted, and helped countless people in need, the nun has found that her message is not welcome in many communities.

What is so controversial about the nun's speeches? Sister Hatune uses her speaking platform as a way to warn against the atrocities of the Muslim faith.

WND reports that Sister Hatune warned of the current state of the Middle East and the detrimental effects it could have on Americans if they do not head her warnings. Sister Hatune spoke last week in Minnesota to several church groups where her speeches had mixed reactions.

Sister Hatune wants Americans to know that ISIS is nothing new, and is not the exception to the rule when it comes to Muslims or followers of the Quran. In fact, she goes so far as to say ISIS is the true representation of the Muslim faith.

"ISIS is not fanatic. ISIS is not more terrible. ISIS is real Muslim believers who like to follow the Quran and Muhammad."
The nun spoke on the fact that America seems complacent about allowing the Muslim faith into its borders and that political correctness could lead to the persecution and death of Christians throughout the world, including America. Sister Hatune knows what could happen because her homeland, Turkey, experienced it first-hand. The nun speaks about the mass genocide of over 3 million Christians in Turkey in 1915 and the subsequent demise of Christians all across the Middle East.
"Sister Hatune points to the fact that 96 percent of the people who populated the Middle East at the turn of the eighth century were Christian. Now, that Christian population has dwindled to 6 percent. Turkey was once almost all Christian, but now it is 0.03 percent Christian. Iraq had 1 million Christians under Saddam Hussein, but now only a few thousand remain, and the churches of Baghdad will be mostly empty this Christmas."
Sister Hatune uses her time speaking to western churches to encourage them to learn what is written in the Muslim holy book. She feels that if they did, they would see that ISIS is only doing what the Quran calls for, the killing of "infidels."
"If they did, they would realize that the Islamic State, also called ISIS, is not doing anything that hasn't been done in the past by devout Muslims who have conquered a people they see as 'infidels.'"
The nun says that the Quran is filled with hate and hate-speech. She claims that the Muslim holy book calls for the killing of Christians 25 times, gives men the right to rape female slaves, and to crucify non-believers. Sister Hatune says she hears often in the west that the verses she quotes in the Quran are being taken out of context. However, she strongly disagrees saying she has viewed with her own eyes what the Islamic rule looks like. She speaks specifically to the plight of women in countries under Sharia law.

"Education is not allowed for the girls. The women are created for the sex for the gents," she said. "If she becomes raped she has to bring four men with her as witness. Of course it is impossible, so she will be stoned. There are so many women and girls who die from stoning."

However, not everyone agrees with Sister Hatune's ideas or presentations that include detailed descriptions of rape, murder and persecution against Christian minorities in the Middle East. In fact, during a speech for a group of Catholic nuns, five or six nuns walked out before the presentation was over. One Catholic nun exclaimed, "Sister, that's enough," fearing that the nun's rhetoric would incite violence against Muslims in the community.

Though her message is not always welcome, Sister Hatune seems to remain consistent in her message that America is inviting a slaughter into their country.

"America is inviting its own slaughterers to its door. You have already a parallel society in America. In 50 years they will kill your grandchildren before your eyes. The Middle East is already here. It is here. It is not far from here. It is at your door."
What do you think of Sister Hatune's blunt speeches against the Muslim faith? Are the Catholic nuns correct in worrying that her speeches could result in violence against Muslims in the country currently?