Azealia Banks Melts Down On Twitter — Rapper Demands Reparations

Rapper Azealia Banks has enjoyed the attention she’s been getting lately, but on the day after Christmas, she took to Twitter in a very public meltdown. The Grio reports that the 212 singer used the social media platform to demand reparations from the United States government in a series of tweets. During her Twitter rant she called out various corporations while accusing them of profiting off of slavery. Some of the big names she mentioned were JP Morgan Chase, New York Life, and Aetna.

Banks has become increasingly outspoken over the years, attracting far more attention with her public Twitter arguments than with her own musical career, which she reportedly says she would sacrifice in order to fight for reparations from the U.S. government. During her Friday rant she compared the African-American pursuit for reparations to the U.S. settling more than $3 billion with Native Americans and Germany shelling out more than $5.6 million for Jews in Israel.