NYPD Psychologist Allegedly Shot Hubby In Head To Avoid Messy Divorce

An NYPD psychologist reportedly shot her husband more than a year ago, but the case is ongoing with new details making it to media reports. The Huffington Post shared that the possible motive behind the shooting of her husband may not have been what everyone previously thought. Original reports in 2013 indicated that Emily Dearden shot her husband so she could flee with her lover. However, her husband (who survived the incident) alleges that she tried to murder him to avoid going through a messy divorce.

Kenneth Dearden claims that his wife had been having an affair since 2011 with another man, who was encouraging her to leave her marriage to be with him exclusively. However, she continued to live in the home with her husband until one night in November of 2013. Dearden claims that he was jarred awake suddenly by a searing pain in his jaw. The reason for the pain became immediately clear. He had been shot in the base of his skull, allegedly by Emily Dearden, who used an antique gun to commit the attempted murder. His survival can be attributed to the use of the antique Derringer.

Emily Dearden is currently free on $150,000 bail, but has been suspended from the NYPD where she worked as a psychologist. Meanwhile, her estranged husband is suing her over the attempt to end his life, and he is seeking damages for what he has gone through over the course of the past couple of years. Kenneth Dearden alleges that Emily tried to murder him so she could have a baggage-free break from her marriage, while still having the benefits of a home and the other comforts that had been provided to her by her spouse.

Pix 11 News reports that Emily Dearden has been charged with attempted murder, but she denies any wrongdoing. She also denies the allegations against her by her estranged husband. Previous reports on this case have noted that Dearden blamed the shooting on an intruder, but evidence in this case has put her in a suspicious light. For starters, she was washing bloody clothes when the police arrived at the scene of the crime. She also asked if police had a warrant, which has been viewed as an attempt to stall the police — her colleagues, no less.

The NYPD psychologist’s attorney says that the lawsuit filed by her estranged husband is baseless, calling it a retaliation to her filing for a divorce. Strangely enough, the woman has continued to live with her husband over the course of this ordeal, even after the shooting that he claims was caused by her. So it does indeed seem rather odd that he wouldn’t bring this lawsuit up against her immediately after she allegedly shot him in the head, instead of waiting until she has decided to officially end their marriage like he has chosen to do.

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