Son Pays Parents’ Mortgage For Christmas — Their Reaction Will Touch Your Heart [Video]

Parents can be one of the most difficult people on your shopping list to find that perfect gift for the holidays for. Half the time, they’ve already bought what they really need, and it can be rather challenging to get out of them what they’d really like to unwrap on Christmas morning.

One son, however, seems to have found a pretty surefire way to make sure that your parents are happy on Christmas — paying off their mortgage. Joey Riquelme, inventor of the app VideoShop, did just that earlier this week when he surprised his parents with a note telling them that he’d paid off the entirety of their mortgage in one go. “I love you so much” is all his mother can manage to get out when he tells her their mortgage debt is no more.

According to NerdWallet, the average American household has a mortgage debt of $155,192. In total, it is estimated that $8.14 trillion in mortgages are owed in the United States alone.

[Image via YouTube]