Chaz Bono, Longtime Partner Jennifer Elia Split

While they only very recently became engaged after Chaz’s very public transition as a female-to-male transsexual, it seems that Chaz Bono and longtime girlfriend Jennifer Elia won’t be getting married after all.

The proposal was described as many who viewed it as somewhat awkward, and perhaps the observation wasn’t too off. One might think a transition like Bono’s could be difficult for any relationship to weather, but Elia and Bono had been together for over a decade before the proposal on Bono’s Becoming Chaz. The pair started dating in 1999, well before Chaz’s transition from female to male, and Elia remained supportive throughout Chaz’s rocky road to stardom and intense public interest after his appearance on the popular show, Dancing With the Stars.

A rep for Chaz, Howard Bragman, told Access Hollywood that Bono and Elia have “called off their engagement and are no longer a couple,” and provided the following statement:

“They leave this relationship with great love, respect and affection towards one another… No further amplification will be forthcoming and they ask that you respect their privacy at this time.”

Over on his Twitter, Chaz handled the separation with his characteristic quiet grace, saying:

Thanks for your concern about our separation. I’m doing fine, and we remain on good terms with nothing but respect and affection 4 eachother.

He also hinted about how he’s coping with the breakup in the interim:

I’m still playing #Skyrim and still loving it despite some glitches. It is a massive game.

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