Fireman Drags Stray Dog Behind Car To ‘Teach’ It A Lesson

A volunteer firefighter in Peru has outraged his neighbors, after he tied a stray dog to the back of his car and dragged the animal behind the vehicle in an effort to punish it.

The stray dog, named Paco according to the Daily Mail, was left with four broken legs and holes in the bottom of its paws, after 45-year-old Jose Percy Chiroque Chacon dragged the animal at high speed through the streets of Salamanca de Monterrico in Central Peru. The stray also suffered internal injuries, as Chacon kicked the dog several times before lashing it to his car.

The brutal assault was captured on a neighborhood security camera, before local residents blockaded Chacon’s vehicle, forcing him to stop. When the dog was taken to a local vet, doctors found that the pads had been scraped off the bottom of his paws. The dog had also lost several toenails due to friction during the incident.

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Police questioned Chacon, who allegedly claimed that he wanted to teach the stray dog a lesson after it bit his son. Chacon’s neighbors, however, are outraged, and many assert that Paco was well known and loved in the community. They claim that the stray has never harmed anyone in the past.

“Everybody around here knows Paco, he is really friendly and that’s why he gets fed a lot and hangs around,” one local resident said. “Nobody has ever heard of him biting anybody and we very much doubt he bit the man’s son.”

Earlier this year, another stray dog from South America made headlines when he befriended a team of Swedish athletes competing in a race across the Amazon jungle. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the stray dog, named Arthur, refused to leave the team’s side even as they assailed extremely difficult terrain. At the conclusion of the race, one of the team members adopted the stray, who now lives across the Atlantic.

Chacon reportedly first joined the Volunteer Fire Department of Peru in 2001, passing his entrance exam in 2003. General Commander Gonzalo Lostaunau Silva said that Chacon’s abuse of the stray stands in contrast to the values that the firemen hold.

According to Life With Dogs, the local firehouse immediately repudiated Chacon, asserting that he has only served a handful of shifts since 2003. They said that he would no longer be welcomed there, and while local residents have protested his actions, it is unclear what legal ramifications Chacon will face for dragging the stray dog behind his SUV.

[Image: CEN via the Daily Mail]

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