Anonymous To Release Names Of Dalhousie University Students In Controversial Case

Anonymous has promised to go after a new target: Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. The hacker group told the university in an open letter posted online that they have been tracking the institution’s formal response to complaints of a campus group of dentistry students engaged in “systemic misogyny.” They said that the official reaction has been so insufficient in terms of addressing alleged harassment by the group of 13 dental students against women on campus that their only choice is to further expose the university.

They have further told Dalhousie administrators that unless certain concerns are addressed, the names of the group of 13 will be publicly released. If a list of demands by Anonymous are not met, the group has promised that the dentistry group’s names will be released by January 5, according to Canadian news site Global News.

The list of demands includes expelling all group members who were involved in alleged online harassment of other students via a Facebook Group called the “DDS 2015 Gentlemen’s Club,” and launching an investigation into how the case has been handled. Anonymous also wants the school to create a plan to address systemic sexism on campus. Dalhousie University has already promised to look at sexism on campus, and would possibly expel the students in involved, pending a formal complaint process.

Dalhousie University officials have not made any statement directly regarding the demands and threats of Anonymous, though. Rather, university spokesperson Brian Leadbetter said in a statement that their “process will comply with the law and university policies. There will be consequences; there are a broad range of options including removal of students from the program.”

January 5, the Anonymous deadline for Dalhousie, is the first day of university classes.

According to the Chronicle Herald, the posts by the closed Facebook group members — who are fourth-year dentistry students at the university — were “sexually virulent.” The case was made public last week, when Anonymous exposed it and called for an open investigation.

In addition to releasing the names of the 13 members of the Facebook group, Anonymous has also said it will put a spotlight on those who were ringleaders, instigators, and most active participants. Dalhousie University employees’ names are also on the line. The university staff includes Dalhousie staff members who did not act on the case, including one dentistry professor who allegedly showed a video to his class of women in bikinis.

Anonymous members will also have a protest in front of Dalhousie University president Richard Florizone’s office January 5 at 12 p.m.

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