Sony Hack Inside Job? Sony Was ‘Nuked From The Inside’

Was the Sony hack an inside job? The cyber attack against Sony has been blamed on the North Koreans, but one cyber security firm is now pointing the finger of blame at a former Sony employee. Kurt Stammberger, a senior vice president with Norse, spoke to CBS News, and the man has a different idea about the cause of the Sony hack. Stammberger does not think North Korea was behind the Sony cyber attack at all.

This is not the first time someone else has been blamed for the attack on Sony. In fact, Sony believed early on someone on the inside had to help find the information released in the Sony leak, according to TMZ.

The news outlet shared Sony’s thoughts on the cyber attack.

“The strong, prevailing view is that the North Koreans are probably involved, but they used someone with intimate knowledge of the Sony email system to laser in on the most embarrassing information. We’re told the people at Sony who are investigating believe the hackers had intimate knowledge of mail systems and their configurations.”

Security experts have looked into the possibility that someone inside Sony was behind the attack since the beginning as well. The Inquisitr reported last week that Marc W. Rogers, an expert hacker and cyber security pro, thought that a disgruntled Sony employee was behind the hack.

Kurt Stammberger agrees that an employee was behind the attack on Sony Entertainment. In his interview with CBS News, the cyber security expert shared his thoughts about the hack.

“Sony was not just hacked, this is a company that was essentially nuked from the inside. We are very confident that this was not an attack master-minded by North Korea and that insiders were key to the implementation of one of the most devastating attacks in history.”

Stammberger feels that a woman, who is calling herself “Lena,” is behind the leak. She was an employee working at the Sony office in Los Angeles for 10 years, according to reports. She is also connected to the Guardians of Peace. That organization claimed responsibility for the Sony leak. Stammberger said that Lena “was in precisely the right position and had the deep technical background she would need to locate the specific servers that were compromised.”

This cyber attack has caused a number of problems in recent weeks. Not only was embarrassing information released to the public, but it also caused problems for The Interview. Sony initially pulled the movie from theaters entirely. However, the company decided to release the film to 300 theaters, and The Interview is also available on YouTube and other online outlets like Google Play. A deal with Netflix is also in the works, but negotiations are still ongoing.

Was the Sony hack an inside job? What do you think?

[Photo: Wikimedia Commons]