Florida Woman With Crack Pipe, Cocaine Inserted In Vagina Dies In Police Custody

One week after a Florida woman inserted a crack pipe and cocaine inside her vagina, she died while in police custody. April Rollison passed away from an apparent accidental overdose when she allegedly ingested narcotics at a hospital where she was being held to remove the contraband from inside her vaginal canal. An independent investigation is underway to determine the details surrounding her death, citing a New York Daily News report.

Rollison, 31, of Sebring, was arrested in Babson Park on December 16 along with three other suspects. Police believe they had probable cause to make arrests on various drug charges.

At the Polk County Jail, a routine body scan was conducted on the Florida woman, which revealed a crack pipe and cocaine rocks concealed in the woman’s vagina. Authorities then transported her to Bartow Hospital so doctors could retrieve the drugs and hidden item to use as evidence in the criminal case against her.

April Rollison in various booking photos

At some point during her detention at the hospital, Rollison asked to use the restroom. A nurse provided the woman with a bedpan and allowed her to relieve herself while a deputy stood nearby on the other side of a drawn curtain.

Later, after medical staff removed the crack pipe and drugs from the Florida woman’s vaginal cavity, she was taken back to the jail for formal booking. A short time later, Rollison went into distress and was rushed back to the hospital. There, she was listed in critical condition. On Monday, a week after the drugs and crack cocaine pipe were removed from the woman’s body, the Florida hospital pronounced her dead.

Polk County Sheriff’s Department authorities believe the woman removed the drugs from her body and ingested them while she was at the hospital the first time, while behind the curtain. White powder was found on the floor of the room where the procedure to remove the contents took place.

At this time, it’s not clear if the woman died from the drug ingestion or from the crack pipe contents that were absorbed into her system while in her personal area.

An autopsy by the Polk County Medical Examiner’s Office will investigate for a cause of death. However, early tests show the woman, who had a history of drug charges, tested positive for amphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine.

Local law enforcement sources say, as part of departmental policy, a third party will conduct an investigation into the Florida woman’s death because she died in police custody. With a crack pipe lodged inside her body, questions arise about why she was left alone and out of view.

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