Hayley Plack: Woman Reunited With Lost Engagement Ring On One Condition

Hayley Plack now has a profound reason for joy that has nothing to do with the holidays.

The 27-year-old woman can rest peacefully at night knowing that she has been reunited with one of her most precious gifts — an engagement ring given to her by her now-fiancé on Thanksgiving Day.

Shortly after her train pulled away from the D.C. station on Friday morning, Hayley Plack quickly realized that her engagement ring was no longer on her left hand’s ring finger.

Calling her fiancé, Andrew Frank, after getting off at the next stop was likely very difficult for Plack — especially since her efforts to find the ring on the train were unsuccessful.

In comparison to the monetary value of the 1.1-carat oval diamond ring, the sentimental value of that particular jewelry item was much higher since it originally belonged to Andrew’s grandmother.

The Washington Post reports that Hayley Plank even insisted on being given the heirloom instead of being offered a new stone by Andrew Frank.

The 32-year-old man had his own doubts and secretly believed that they would never see the ring again. However, he encouraged his future wife by giving Hayley hope in someone finding the ring and returning it to them.

“Not everyone in the world is a criminal.”

Hayley and Andrew basically started a campaign to track down the ring — using Craiglist ads, local blogs, and even inquiries at local pawn shops to try to find the ring.

What Hayley Plack did not realize was that she did not lose the ring at the train station or even on the train.

55-year-old Siranjan Kulatilake actually found the diamond ring on the sidewalk in front of his apartment building, which was only four doors away from Hayley’s.

He initially thought the ring belonged to a child due to the small size of the band and kept it safely hooked onto the same lanyard used to secure his keys.

When he eventually returned to his apartment, Kulatilake had a chance to examine the ring closely.

“What do I do with this? It’s obviously precious to someone.”

Kulatilake discussed the matter with his own wife and the couple brainstormed different ideas that could lead them to the ring’s rightful owner.

The next morning, it was his wife that found one of the fliers Hayley Plack posted in the neighborhood, which simply read “Lost Engagement Ring. Reward Will Be Offered.”

Plack was likely surprised when she later listened to Kulatilake’s voicemail message in which he stated that he may have found her lost engagement ring.

When it came to the reward, Kulatilake made it clear to Hayley Plack that he did not want the reward for himself. Instead, he simply wanted Plack to make a donation to the Washington Humane Society in exchange for the ring.

They later posted together for a memorable photo the same night with Kulatilake holding a check for $400 and Hayley Plack holding her ring.

[Image Credit: Washington Post]

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