Obama Advisor: Republicans Screwing Up The Economy To Hurt The President

David Axelrod, head of President Obama‘s reelection effort, has made a heated charge against republican rivals.That they are willing to hurt the country just to hurt the President.

Axelrod told Fox News “You have to wonder whether some folks over there think somehow — think screwing up the economy, throwing a wrench in the works is a good political strategy for them,” Axelrod told Fox News. “Somehow if they can slow the recovery down, if they can cost a half million or delay a half million jobs, that that will hurt the president.”

It seems pretty obvious that this is going to be a central theme in the Obama reelection effort. Republicans are messing up the country, implementing policies to hurt the poor and favor the rich and all to enrich themselves and hurt President Obama.

This has been old news for the President, who has been blaming the Republican Party for all of America’s ills for a very long time. It was widely expected that he needs to keep pressure on the GOP in order to deflect from a country with a stubbornly high unemployment number, lackluster growth and a stagnant economy which has been only creeping back up to speed.

The President’s approval number remain low and in a hypothetical match up with Republican contender Mitt Romney, Obama is a few percentage points below winning reelection.

Axelrod also addressed the surging Ex-House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, by invoking a former Chicago politician who decided it wasn’t in his interest to run for higher office. “‘The higher a monkey climbs up a pole, the more you can see his butt” I think this is what is happening to the Speaker” He said.

All of this makes for good theater, but the real question is how will the attacks play out in the general population of voters who decide Obama’s fate next year?

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