Charli XCX Defends Iggy Azalea: Pop Icon Can Do Whatever She Wants?

Charli XCX defended Iggy Azalea recently over the backlash the chart-topping rapper has received from opinionated voices in the hip hop industry. KPopStarz shared the comments made by the singer.

Of course, Charli’s words may end up receiving some backlash as well, but they were heartfelt and intended to convey a message that the new hip hop game isn’t the same machine it was back in the day or even just a few years ago. The Boom Clap singer definitely didn’t mince any words when she her two cents.

“Iggy’s not only a rap star, right now at this moment in time she’s a pop icon. And pop icons can do whatever the f**k they want.They con’t have to stick within the boundaries. They don’t have to play the rules the right way. David Bowie Didn’t. I’m not comparing her to Bowie, but who gives a f**k? It’s just because it’s hip-hop. There’s people who really think about rap and hip-hop in such an old school way.”

Charli XCX definitely isn’t shying away from defending her friend, but that is not the only time she’s been blunt and to the point. The singer is quite open on her social media, using Twitter as a place to talk to her fans candidly. Most recently, she took to Twitter to apologize to her fans in Florida for not being able to sign their items. She also had some harsh words for the memorabilia hounds that presumably crowded her at the Tampa Airport.

..due to the pushy & aggressive middle aged men who don’t know ANYTHING about my music and just want me to sign shit for them to sell online — CHARLI XCX (@charli_xcx) December 22, 2014

Hopefully, Charli’s defense of Iggy Azalea doesn’t get her too much hate, but her skin is thick enough that she can handle the worst of the haters. Meanwhile, she’s one of the growing number of people speaking out in defense of Iggy after she was targeted by angry hip-hop fans and supporters of Azalea Banks. So far, everyone who has spoken in defense of the pop rap icon has also been targeted with vitriol. Rapper T.I. has been included in this with Azalea Banks lashing out at his defense of Iggy Azalea on Twitter.

It’s easy to see that the rapper beef is still a thing, no matter how much hip-hop has supposedly changed. It’s clear that Charli XCX and Iggy Azalea are doing their best to stay out of the beef by focusing on their work. News Australia reports that the duo recently performed their hit Fancy at the Jingle Ball, and not one hater was in sight.

[Photo credit: The Daily Mail]