Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 gets Heroes and Heralds DLC, new patch

Back before Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3‘s release, Capcom promised fans that an entirely new mode for UMvC3, the “Heroes and Heralds” mode, would be released at some point after release. Well, “at some point” turned out to be today.

Earlier today, Capcom rolled out a new patch for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and with it the Heroes and Heralds mode is finally released. In case this new mode is news to you, Heroes and Heralds is a new mode that tasks players with picking a side – good or bad, basically – and defeating various teams to either save the world or destroy it.

More interestingly, the mode adds in a new “Ability Card” system. The cards are earned by playing the new mode, and add special attributes to your character such as a speed boost, invisibility, invulnerability to projectiles and more. The cards are exclusive to the “Heroes and Heralds” mode, which can also be played online, so purists don’t have to worry about any drastic changes to the base game.

The patch didn’t just introduce free DLC for all, however; the latest UMvC3 patch also introduced a number of glitches and bug fixes as well. A few infinites were taken out, the “Reverse World” glitch was removed, and throw techs aren’t broken anymore.