Man Panics, Drives Dead Wife 225 Miles Before Calling For Help

A 71-year-old Canadian man was driving home with his 75-year-old wife from a vacation in Oregon when she passed away. If the story ended there it would be a sad tale of old age, however after realizing she had passed away the man drove his wife 225 miles before pulling over to call for help.

According to Tonasket Police Chief Robert Burks:

“He wasn’t sure what to do, so he kept driving.”

The couple had been on vacation when the man’s wife began suffering from a medical condition. Her husband tried to drive her home to British Columbia, Canada for treatment but she died near Pasco, Washington. According to police the man used his OnStar system to call for help, asking that he be put in touch with border patrol officials.

Eventually the dispatcher convinced the ma to stop at the Tonasket Police Department:

The dispatcher told Wenatchee World:

“I think it was just not registering that he needed to stop. He was taking her home, probably, to deal with it up there.”

While the females body is still at the Tonasket station police do not believe foul play was involved and therefore they have not asked for an autopsy at this time. The body will be returned to Canada once all proper transportation forms have been filed.

According to the police Chief:

“I believe that different permits have to get done to get a body across. I think that’s all they’re waiting for.”

Would you have acted the same way if you found out someone was dead next to you as your drove or would you have sought out immediate medical attention even if vacationing in another country?

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