Babysitter Beating Child: Babysitter Caught On Camera Brutally Beating 5-Year-Old And Threatening To Kill Him (Video)

Many parents find it quite difficult to trust outsiders with their children. Due to recent incidents with babysitters and day care facilities, many are questioning whether its even worth the risk. Unfortunately, another incident has surfaced that would make anyone think twice about ny form of child care.

According to The Daily Mail, 32-year-old Heng Hsiao was reportedly caught on camera brutally beating a five-year-old who was left in her care. The publication reports that she was hired by the child’s mother, Qing Chin, 28.

Chin and her husband left Hsaio in charge when they went out to dinner once evening. However, she had absolutely no clue that she was being recorded on a surveillance system the couple had installed in their home. While the surveillance system was reportedly put in place to protect from potential burglaries, the couple never imaged they’d capture the beating of their child on camera.

Needless to say, they were outraged by the footage they saw. The nearly four-minute video begins with Hsaio sitting on a couch forcefully feeding the child. Its immediately obvious her aggressive nature is quite questionable. Then, things took a shocking turn when the boy refused to eat anymore.

Apparently, his refusal angered her because she immediately began hitting him. Then, she dragged him to the center of the room, threw him on the floor, and began beating him. As the child screamed in agony, the brutal beating continued and Hsaio could be heard yelling and fussing at the poor child. At one point the video, the babysitter can even be heard threatening to kill the boy. However, things didn’t end there. Unfortunately, the ordeal got worse because she began forcefully kicking the child as well.

Although he made an effort to fight back, his attempts were no match to the adult babysitter. She then dragged him out of view, so its unclear whether or not the beating ended at that point. But when Hsaio returns, she takes a more domesticated approach by mopping and cleaning up the mess she’d made while beating the child. On Tuesday, December 23, the shocking footage was uploaded to YouTube.

She may have gotten away with her actions if it weren’t for the footage. However, the boy’s behavior when his parents returned was also a tell-tale sign that something was wrong.

His mother recently recounted the incident, sharing details about the babysitter’s demeanor and her son’s behavior upon her return. Although the babysitter appeared to be fine, it was quite obvious that something was definitely wrong with her son.

“When we got home she seemed normal and said Sun was in bed asleep. She was a new babysitter so we didn’t really know her that well, but she seemed nice enough. We paid her and then we went up to see Sun. He was crying and shaking with fear. When he told us what had happened we couldn’t believe it. But then we checked the camera, which we’d put up to catch burglars, and saw that woman attacking our little boy. We were completely shocked and sickened. How could someone to do this to a child? There are so many child abuse cases and baby sitters are rarely punished severely. But I never thought it would happen to our child.”

Although local authorities are reportedly investigating the incident, the footage is quite incriminating. However, no further details have been released about whether or not the babysitter will face charges.

How do you think authorities should handle the situation? Share your thoughts.

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