Lost Gray Seal Found and Rescued From Field Over 18 Miles From Sea

A seal who had wandered too far from shore was found in a muddy field in northern England and had to be rescued by British emergency service personnel on Monday. The young gray seal, who was described as being “exhausted,” had managed to make it over 30km, over 18 miles, away from the Irish Sea.

As reported by Yahoo! News, a woman walking her dog found the sea mammal who was resting in a Newton-le-Willows field. Rescuers believe the seal made it to the area via the River Mersey before wandering into the field.

Animal rescue workers, along with firefighters, police and a farmer, managed to herd the tired seal into a RSPCA trailer with metal fencing and brooms. It wasn’t an easy task and the exhausted mammal was cranky, occasionally snapping at his rescuers as they urged him into the trailer.

Exhausted grey seal found in field. [Image by BBC]
Exhausted grey seal found in field.
[Image by BBC]
As the BBC reported, the seal had sustained a head injury and had discharge running from his nose, according to the RSPCA. He was transported to a RSPCA hospital in Nantwich, Cheshire for evaluation after he was rescued. RSPCA inspector John Brooks said it was the first time a seal had been found so far from the sea.

“This is the first time I have ever come across a seal in a field. There is a brook nearby but that is only about three feet deep. If he followed the rivers and tributaries he could’ve traveled as far as 20 miles from the sea.”

Grey seals are native to the United Kingdom and are found in exposed rocky areas of the northern and western coasts. They can be identified by their fur, which is grey and brown in color. Their ears are not exposed, they have a long muzzle, and a flat or convex profile.

The exhausted seal will stay at the RSPCA hospital until he recovers and can be released again, according to officials. One of the rescuers, Steve Marsh, who is a member of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue Service, said rescuing the seals is not an easy task.

“It’s not an easy job certainly because they are large animals. They can be quite aggressive and we do have people in our charity that can actually handle those large seals.”

Grey seals can grow up to seven feet long and weight as much as 500 pounds.

It is unusual for a sea mammal to be found so far from home and needing rescue. However, with the cold and ice developing this time of year, animals do need help from humans on occasion. The Inquisitr reported about a duck in Norway that was frozen upside down in a lake who had to be rescued by local man.

[Image via BBC]

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