Dallas Planned Parenthood Builds Concrete Wall To Stop Pro-Lifers

A Planned Parenthood in Dallas has built an 8-foot concrete wall around the clinic to stop pro-life protesters who have been speaking against the abortion clinic on a regular basis. Rev. Stephen Broden, one of the leading voices against Planned Parenthood, has urged other pro-life activists to keep speaking out about the clinic.

“Rev. Broden said, ‘There’s no question about it, they’re trying to put the wall up to marginalize our presence as best they can. We are having an impact and we are seeing people turn away as a result of our presence there. They’re putting up a wall as an attempt to shut us out but they can’t shut out the presence of God. And when we stand there we bring the presence of God.'”

The newly-built abortion clinic is situated in a minority community, leading to accusations that Planned Parenthood are targeting minority neighborhoods for the sake of eugenics. “60 to 65 percent of all of their facilities are located within a two mile radius of the Black community,” said Rev. Broden in a video. “We believe Planned Parenthood is deliberately targeting the black community. Through sophisticated marketing and slick advertisement, they are convincing women — black women and women in particular — that the only solution to unintended pregnancies is to murder their children.”

According to the most recent CDC Abortion Surveillance Report, almost 56 percent of all abortions back in 2011 were done on women in minority communities. In Texas, there were 17,890 reports of abortions on African-American children, while 27,216 abortions were performed on Hispanics.

Rev. Broden uploaded a video that shows him lashing out against Planned Parenthood. Broden passionately says in the video, “We believe there is a deliberate attempt on the part of Planned Parenthood to sell death in our community. Abortions hurt women. Not only does it hurt women, it kills babies and it destroys families. We are here as an expression of the intent to stop the killing fields in our communities.”

Broden has issued a call to arms of sorts, urging the leaders of megachurches to join him in his crusade against Planned Parenthood. “We’re calling on these pastors of these mega-churches to engage in the discourse and the conversation and to become a part of the resistance in the public square to the culture of death that is seducing women into giving up their children and sacrificing them at the altar of self-indulgence and self-aggrandizement,” he said.

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