Sex Slavery Rampant Under ISIS

Sex slavery is rampant under ISIS, according to stories from people being targeted by the terrorist group and according to official comments coming from ISIS.

The Daily Star reported that ISIS is turning women and girls into sex slaves after it conquers towns and cities. The terrorist group is buying and selling the captured females.

“The group has targeted Yazidis and other minorities in northern Iraq in a campaign that rights group Amnesty International said Tuesday amounted to ethnic cleansing, murdering civilians and enslaving others for a fate that some captives consider worse than death.”

The Daily Star reported that some of the females are teenagers or younger. The article also noted that fear of sex slavery is so bad that some women and girls are committing suicide to avoid it. One specific case is that of a woman identified as “Jilian,” with her story being relayed as third-hand information from Amnesty International based on what it heard from her brother.

“She cut her wrists and hanged herself. She was very beautiful; I think she knew she was going to be taken away by a man and that is why she killed herself.”

ISIS admits to taking sex slaves. The Daily Star reported on an article ISIS published in its official magazine, Dabiq, called, “The Revival Of Slavery Before The Hour.”

The BBC also filed a recent report on ISIS and sex slavery based on interviews it conducted with women claiming to have been enslaved by ISIS. One woman identified with the pseudonym “Hannan” detailed her experiences.

“There were 20 of them, with long beards and weapons. They said: ‘You’re coming to Mosul.’ We refused. They hit us and dragged us to their cars.”

Hannan then said the ISIS fighters took them to a slave market.

“We didn’t dare look at their faces. We were so afraid. One girl came back after she had been used as a sex slave and told us everything. After that, IS did not allow anyone else to return.”

“They were shooting to scare us. They took whomever they wanted, by force. We were crying the whole time. We wanted to kill ourselves but we couldn’t find a way.”

Hannan also reported that at least one of the females committed suicide.

These latest accounts of sex slavery by the Islamic terrorists come at the same time as the Times reports that ISIS has now engaged in “what is thought to be the biggest case of enslavement this century.”

ISIS previously published a pamphlet on female slaves and MEMRI provided an English translation of excerpts from it. The Inquisitr reported on this sex slave manual on December 9.

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