Gisele Speaks Out

Gisele Bundchen– pictured here in her V Magazine glory– took the opportunity to sound off about her stance on the environment and politics:

On Miley Cyrus posing for Vanity Fair and showing some skin: Can you believe this is news? It’s ridiculous. And the politicians aren’t going to create any laws about this [kind of media saturation]. They’re very happy with it. They can go around doing what they want and no one cares because we’re more concerned about some 15-year-old girl holding a sheet in a picture. No one cares about what [the politicians are] screwing up, or how much money is being lost.

What’s she most compassionate about: “The destruction of our planet.”

Wait– isn’t this the same person who’s waiting on her private jet for 2010? Eco-conscious indeed.

I’m not sure if it’s better to go on a platform when you’re wearing semi-buttless chaps, or wait until you’ve got everyone’s full attention. I’m even having some trouble concentrating right now.