Loyal Dog Chases Ambulance Rushing Owner To The Hospital [Video]

A dog racing full-speed after an ambulance transporting its sick owner to the hospital serves as yet another profound reminder of canine loyalty.

This latest incident involving man’s best friend occurred in Goiana, Brazil, when a homeless man who owned the dog was rushed to the hospital after suffering a seizure.

The video shot by a first responder shows the pooch sprinting after the ambulance carrying its master. “Desperate not to lose sight of the vehicle, the pet was filmed bounding along in the middle of the road in the driver’s wing mirror by an astounded paramedic… The recording… then switches to the passenger’s side and captures the adorable creature bounding beside the vehicle for several minutes in its determination to keep up, London’s Daily Mail explained.

EMTs finally pulled over and allowed the devoted dog to hop aboard; otherwise, he may have continued to follow the vehicle all the way to the hospital. See embed below.

Said EMT Celiomar Ferreira do Couto, who took the footage of the dog desperately chasing the ambulance, “I’ve been doing this job for 19 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it. Sometimes we arrive at the scene of an emergency and there are pets around but they are too shy for us to get close to and they often run way. I have never seen this reaction in all my career.”

The video concludes with the dog standing guard next to his owner on a stretcher in the hospital as the man waits to be treated. “The pooch and its owner may be homeless, but at least they have each other,” Elite Daily noted.

Added paramedic do Couto: “Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find out what happened to the pet and its owner, but it has certainly given me faith in the loyalty and love that exists between owners and their dogs.”


In a similar example of extreme loyalty displayed by dogs, last month Buddy the Beagle hitched a ride on the side step of the ambulance when his owner was taken to the hospital. After about 20 miles, a motorist flagged down the ambulance and Buddy was pulled inside the vehicle for the remainder of the trip to the ER.

In an additional instance involving a dedicated “buddy,” a retired New Mexico veterinarian and avid outdoorsman died in May from an apparent heart attack while cross-county skiing in Colorado. His devoted friend Buddy the Golden Retriever guarded his body for about 24 hours until rescue crews arrived. In the same month, a 3-year old North Dakota boy who was missing for six hours was found safe by searchers with his dog Cooper laying on top of him to keep him warm.

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