WWE News: CM Punk Talks Not Headlining Major WWE Pay-Per-Views

Even though CM Punk isn’t a part of the WWE anymore, he is still making headlines in the professional wrestling community. Since CM Punk’s debut on UFC programming, he’s been conducting interview after interview, and most of the questions pertain to his wrestling past. Remember, he wrestled in the WWE from 2006 to 2014.

On Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast that became infamous for many things, Punk accused Dr. Chris Amann for not being able to diagnose a staph infection. Instead, he offered z-packs, which is now a normal meme for the Internet Wrestling Community. Jim Ross, the legendary WWE-announcer, put forth his doubts about the accusations. Many are not surprised by this sequence of events.

Countless radio and television hosts are continuing to ask Punk about his WWE-experience and all of the negative aspects he talked about on Cabana’s podcast. One of those topics, which the Associated Press asked about in a recent interview, includes his lack of time atop major pay-per-views.

“Imagine if UFC took Conor McGregor and they just put him on Fight Pass prelims, and they wouldn’t let him main event the big PPV or a big show,” Punk said. “That’s how I felt. I was the main event on all the house shows, I was the only guy that was touring live every single day. When it came time for the PPV main event, oh, someone else is coming in.”

First off, it was very wise of Punk to translate the question and make the UFC look popular simultaneously. Not many people are able to spin questions around for the brand they are working for. He’s always been able to take control of the microphone and win verbal disputes.

Why exactly is Punk being questioned about his WWE career, even though he’s with the “competition?” The public didn’t document his WWE career until the pipebomb in 2011. After that, he received numerous invitations to late-night talk shows and radio programs. Punk’s words about the WWE three years ago struck a chord with the public, something that isn’t done normally.

Now, after nearly a year since departing the company, Punk is writing for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, as well as fighting for the UFC. There’s no doubt that a return to the WWE is possible, but don’t expect the press to stop asking questions about it.

If it continues, the public will begin to ask him about AJ Lee, his wife, potentially leaving the WWE. Punk’s name being associated with the WWE is far from over and may not end for a long time.

[Image via i.huffpost.com]