‘The Good Wife’ — Will Alicia Move On To Finn?

The Good Wife has been teasing Alicia and Finn’s “will-they, won’t-they” story since the character of Finn charmed his way into viewer’s hearts following the devastating departure of Will Gardner. That said, will The Good Wife finally go there with Alicia and Finn?

According to E!, who spoke with actress Christine Baranski, who plays Diane on the show, there might be something more going on between Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Finn (Matthew Goode).

“He’s very appealing, isn’t he? He’s so handsome and so charming. Don’t you love that it’s like the old days, like the old movies where romance is in, what’s not said and what’s not done? That’s truly sexy.”

Showing less and working more has certainly turned out well for The Good Wife in terms of watching Alicia slowly move on from Will to Finn in a way that’s not so obvious. Fans are on board for this romance too.

As for Alicia and Peter’s relationship, throughout the whole season of the show, they have been taking a Bill and Hillary stance as husband and wife or at least how the media portrays the Clinton’s relationship. Alicia and Peter live their separate lives, but for the sake of their campaigns, they support each other in the public eye and stay married for the sport.

Still, Baranski questions if The Good Wife writers will ever let Alicia and Finn get together and brings up the track record of Will and Alicia, and how long that took.

“Look how long they played out, ‘Are Alicia and Will ever going to get rogether?’ That played out for a long time, that kind of tension between them, the little looks and the little moments.. It’s that brief encounter where you go, ‘Oh, my God!’ The audience just longs for that union.”

See if The Good Wife finally goes there with Alicia and Finn when the show returns on January 4.

[Image via CBS]