Jeremy Calvert’s Wife Leah Plans Romantic Getaway With Jeremy, Slams Brittany Musick On Twitter

Jeremy Calvert’s wife, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer, appears to be in denial about her marital issues. Months after Calvert told fans the reality star cheated on him with Robbie Kidd, Messer continues to tweet as if they are more in love than ever.

In her latest message to fans, which comes weeks after the Inquisitr reported Kidd spoke out, admitting to sleeping with Messer, the Teen Mom 2 star told her Twitter followers she was planning a getaway for herself and Calvert.

“Jerm and I wanna go to Gatlitsburg, TN and get a cabin,” Messer announced to fans on December 23. “We lost contact with a lady we used to talk to. Does anyone have any cabins in mind?”

Also on Tuesday, Messer slammed Brittany Musick, the woman Calvert secretly spoke to online, on Twitter.

In regard to why Jeremy Calvert’s wife believes Musick went public with her personal messages to Calvert, she explained, “Its the maturity level, and the much needed attention. So sad there is children involved. #Pathetic.”

Earlier this month, the Inquisitr reported Calvert had proof of his wife’s affair.

“Jeremy has proof she cheated,” an insider told Radar Online. “He regrets lashing out on Twitter about it, but he wouldn’t have done that if he hadn’t known for sure.”

On October 17, Calvert took to Twitter, where he claimed to have “caught” Messer cheating with “Mr. Kidd.” Although the tweets have since been deleted, the drama has continued.

“He wants to show people the truth, but everyone is telling him to lay low right now,” the insider said.

Last week, amid rumors of divorce, Jeremy Calvert’s wife took to Facebook, where she took aim at the marriage of her ex-husband, Corey Simms, and his new wife, Miranda Patterson, claiming they only pretend to be perfect.

“Things you see on Corey and Mirandas ‘official and APPROVED page’ is far from being true, and all I have to say about it is that they may want to be very WISE about what the post because a marriage that PRETENDS to be PERFECT is NEVER perfect,” Messer reportedly wrote. “Especially when there is way more not told to a specific spouse, and that’s all I’m going to say.”

“As far as the status on our court hearing… I am very happy with the results and will talk about it very soon,” Messer continued. “I think the results were in m daughters BEST interest. This is all I’m going to say in regards to all the craziness being post on their page as well as any other page.”

Messer went on to claim she and Calvert are still in love.

“Marriage is far from perfect but my husband and I are very much in love with each other and still remain married and that doesn’t plan to change. We love each and EVERYONE of you and wish EVERYONE including those that talk down about us the very best and a Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR. MAY GOD BLESS XOXOXOXO.”

Jeremy Calvert’s wife is expected to return to Teen Mom 2 for season six.

[Photo via Twitter]