Kimye Split Imminent? Kanye West Reportedly Neglecting Kim And North For Work

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, with only two days left till Christmas, new reports are suggesting that not all is well in the Kardashian/West household, and more than that, an imminent split may even be on the cards.

A report today from Radar Online claims that while it was expected that “Kimye” would be enjoying their first Christmas together as a married couple, along with baby North West, that is not the case, as the couple allegedly argue constantly and when they aren’t locking horns, Kanye is out of town anyway.

According to a Radar source, the situation is so bad right now that it has reached a breaking point, “Things with Kim and Kanye aren’t good behind the scenes. They’re just putting on a happy face for the holidays. He’s never around; that’s the problem.”

It seems that Kanye West’s absent father policy lately is causing most of the problems, and Kim finds herself having to bear the full responsibility for baby North’s care.

As Christmas is nearly here, Kim has demanded that Kanye take some much needed time off work in order to be with the family. According to the source,”For the holidays, she’s told him he has to take time off for her and the baby and he’s not willing to do it and it’s causing a rift right now. It’s been a struggle.”

The insider added that, “When they got married the deal was they would spend time together with the baby. But he hasn’t kept up that promise. He’s super busy and continuing his crazy schedule. Right now for the holidays especially, it was all supposed to be resolved, but it’s still causing a major problem.”

For Kim’s part, she feels that Kanye is not stepping up to the mark and keeping the previous promises he made, especially as far as his responsibilities to his family are concerned, and all this just in time for the holidays; how convenient.