Justin Bieber Gets Ratchet On Instagram: Protects Hailey Baldwin & Defends Ashley Moore

Justin Bieber had himself a very merry Instagram spree on Monday night. The singer left comments for a bunch of friends, including a humorous note at Hailey Baldwin’s account, and a serious message at former gal pal, model Ashley Moore’s page slamming cyber-bullying.

The 20-year-old is currently in his native Canada to spend Christmas with his father and younger siblings, and seems to have been in the mood for more online action than usual last night.

Following weeks of hanging out with longtime pal, Hailey — which touched off inevitable romance rumors — the Biebs left a remark by a photo that the model posted, which can either be seen as a joke or a protective boyfriend getting jealous.

Although, here is perhaps a good place to note that both Hailey and Justin denied they are dating earlier this month.

In the Instagram pic, the model is seen receiving a kiss and an affectionate lift assist from a young guy.

Hailey’s caption read, “missed you @freakyfrijoles”

Under which, Justin quipped, “Get off her little guy.”

Get off her little guy
(Screengrab via Instagram)

Over the weekend, it was revealed Hailey wore a pair of Justin’s drop-crotch sweatpants.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Hailey wearing Justin's sweatpants December 20, five days after the singer wore them)

As a result, some fans think the “Heartbreaker” singer’s “Get off her little guy” comment is a sign he is becoming possessive over the model.

However, Hailey’s reply to the Canadian underscores her previous denial of dating talk, as it suggests she doesn’t see the oft-shirtless one in a romantic way and vice versa.

“@justinbieber ‘DADDDD!'” She joked on Instagram.

(Screengrab via Instagram)

And there was more.

Jay Stevie, a friend of the guy seen getting cosy with Hailey in the Instagram snap sent a testy message to Justin, writing, “You’re the little guy my n**** check yourself.”

(Screengrab via Instagram)

Inevitably, fans’ comments at Hailey, Stevie and Masset’s Instagrams make for alternately hilarious or grim reading.

Not yet done, Justin headed over to model Ashley’s Instagram, where he defended the 21-year-old from abusive messages left by users on the photo-sharing site.

Some of the comments appear to have been from fans still angry over unpleasant remarks Moore herself made about Bieber earlier this year, after he began dating the Miami model Yovanna Ventura before reuniting with former girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Before all that, Ashley and Justin were first spotted together on a lunch date last August. They were also seen on a shopping in Beverly Hills in October this year.

One of the singer’s comments at Ashley’s Instagram reads,

“U should be ashamed of yourself if ur hating on Ash… how can you get mad if someone hates on me and hate on others on behalf of me, pretty dumb.”

Justin defending Ashley on
(Screengrab via Instagram)

But it wasn’t all anti-cyber bullying rhetoric.

Justin also posted compliments to Ashley, three of which read, “U are gorgeous,” and “So pretty” and “Ur a cutie pie.”

Ashley Moore
(Photo: Ashley Moore)

Things got more humorous at longtime pal Jaden Smith’s Instagram.

Under a pic, Justin teased, “I wanna cut off ur dreads and glue them to my chin.”

Jaden Smith
(Screengrab via Instagram)

And producer friend Julian Swirsky.

Naturally, some Gomez fans complained that the heartthrob never took the Latina’s haters to task. But, given all that’s happened between the ex-couple, the compliments Bieber has paid her, and the numerous public stings the starlet threw his way over the years, perhaps that understandable.

Online chatter reveals most fans are in hysterics over the “All That Matters” singer’s ballsy Instagram comments compared to the more restrained messages he — and his manager Scooter Braun — post on the Biebs'(now) 58.1 million-strong Twitter account.

Here’s a snapshot of fans’ comments on “Ratchet Instagram Justin” Vs. “(Mostly) Diplomat Twitter Justin.”

Justin on Twitter vs. Justin on Instagram pic.twitter.com/cCXpwJ6Iv2

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