Sony Paid Kevin Hart $2M For Twitter Tweets, Lawyer Threatens Twitter ‘Bikini Robot Army’ For Posting Email Leaks

Update: The Interview full movie is now online at YouTube Movies, Google Play and Xbox Video: Here are the links to the full movie, now online on Christmas Eve.

Sony is trying hard to stem the flow of information leaking onto the web from their hacked email accounts – and that leaked information has provided data on how much Kevin Hart has gotten paid for his Twitter tweets promoting movies. David Boies, the selfsame Sony lawyer who appeared on Meet the Press to talk about the possibility of The Interviewmovie being released online or via some other viewing vehicle – as reported by the Inquisitr – has also sent a letter to Twitter over hacked Sony email screenshots, says Business Insider.

The fascinating trove of information from the hacked Sony email screenshots can be seen on Twitter accounts like Bikini Robot Army, which shows an intriguing electronic conversation between unnamed Sony executives, discussing getting Kevin Hart to tweet about Denzel Washington’s movie, The Equalizer.

“Is there a world in which Kevin Hart might retweet an Equalizer post or tweet that he’s looking forward to seeing? I know he cashes in on tweeting now…but we are making the last push against black and Hispanic audiences.”

The response came affirmatively about getting Hart to tweet about The Equalizer, because Hart had already previously tweeted about NGD – or No Good Deed, starring Idris Elba.

“Yep. He owes us. I also got him to tweet on NGD. We paid him an extra 2M to tweet on 2 pictures. Let me [see] what I can do. What would you have him tweet? A :15 spot saying check it out and I can’t wait to see this? Or ‘how excited am I to see Equalizer this weekend?'”

The Sony executive went on to discuss the language Kevin Hart could use in his lucrative Twitter tweets or short Twitter video promos.

“We are finishing up some great African-American targeted TV – will have a :15 for him to tweet. Maybe with a ‘can’t wait to see this’ message.”

Next, the leaked Sony emails reveal that Sony tried to reel Kevin Hart in from tweeting so much on Twitter – perhaps to prevent their Twitter promos from Kevin Hart from getting lost in the shuffle of endless Twitter updates.

“He’ll have to add something like how he can’t wait to see this [crap] happen or personalize it about Denzel. We recently told him to stop tweeting so much so I have to be strategic in how I get him to do it :)”

A review of Kevin Hart’s official Twitter and Instagram account didn’t readily uncover promotional tweets for the Denzel Washington vehicle.

[Image credit of Kevin Hart: Live Nation]