Theresa Caputo Busted? Reporter Shares ‘Unbelievable’ Experience With ‘Long Island Medium’ Star

A reporter who once spoke of her dead father to Theresa Caputo of Long Island Medium thought the psychic might not be a fake, despite speculations to the contrary.

Jaime Franchi, a reporter for Long Island Press, believed her father was in the room with her when Caputo described him as a veteran who loved to cook. Those details were true. Theresa further told Franchi how her dad had lived, and when her successful writing career came up in conversation, Caputo said her father uttered, “She gets it from me.”

Franchi says the idea that her father is a “wise ass” in the afterlife made her a believer.

Franchi is no longer a believer in Caputo whatsoever. The reporter shares her “Not-So Psychic Experience” with readers after attending a live event Caputo held at NYCB Theatre at Westbury last week. As the Press writer begins, she went in with an open mind when she saw the psychic medium. By the end of the night, she went from believer to non-believer. She’s convinced that the Long Island Medium psychic is a fake.

Franchi gave examples of what happened with audience members hoping to connect to the dead. She tells the story of two different women questioned by Theresa Caputo during the live event.

“The doubt that had started to creep into my mind early on in the show now made a full-court press. I wasn’t buying it, any of it.

“Caputo threw out more questions to the audience, asking specific questions that, when they weren’t met with nods of agreement, became described as merely symbols of other, more general things.

“For example, she asked a grieving mother who had lost her grown son, ‘Why do I feel like you are holding him when he died?’

“When the woman shrugged, Caputo quickly covered by saying that that means he believes that she was always there for him.

“‘Do you smell him?’ Caputo questioned another.

“When there was no response, she immediately clarified that this meant that it seemed as if that person was still there, even though he had passed some time ago.”

Theresa Caputo was striking out over and over with questions from the audience. The psychic sensed the audience was losing confidence in her abilities, so she “zeroed in on a pair of audience members” and asked a few questions that she got the right answers to. The Long Island Medium star joked about the allegations against her and her staff Googling audience information so she can use them as part of her act.

In a Radaronline report a few months ago, Andy Cohen of Bravo TV shares in a book he wrote that he also met with Caputo. He genuinely believes she’s a phony.

Jaime Franchi concludes with her opinion of Theresa Caputo.

“For me, this unbelievable experience was simply that: not to be believed. In my humble opinion, Caputo is a damn good performer, and she’s got undeniably likeable sass and charisma.

“I just don’t think she speaks with the dead. Or she didn’t the night that I saw her.”

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[Image via Radaronline]