Jay Leno Recounts Horribly Boring Reality Star Guest On ‘The Tonight Show’

Former host of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno, made his way to Craig Ferguson to talk about his career. Ferguson, who’s set to retire from late night talk shows himself, inquired of Leno’s interviewing skills, and if he had to essentially fake his interest.

“Did you ever get tired? You ever glass over when they were talking sometimes?” Ferguson blamed himself on his own boredom, but Leno highlighted one particular guest for the reason why he spaced out during an interview.

The reality star that bored Leno to tears was The Bachelorette’s Trista Sutter. Sutter, who is one of the few contestants to actually marry her suitor, Ryan, couldn’t catch Leno’s interest if her life depended on it.

“It was the people on the show! The classic example is I had one of these reality stars on… Trista! From one of these Bachelorettes… So, I’m sitting and I’m looking at the side of her head. I couldn’t be less interested. I’ve never seen this stupid reality show — you know what it was. So I said, ‘Well thank you.'”

Leno revealed he paid for not paying attention to Trista, as they ran into each other in the parking lot after the show wrapped up, and he didn’t even recognize her.

“I go out in the parking lot and there’s this woman standing next to me with her boyfriend. She goes, ‘Hey can I have your picture?’ and I said, ‘Sure, how are you doing?’ And she says, ‘Good.’ I said, ‘What’s your name?’ And she says, ‘What? Trista.'”

Leno’s mortifying story did end with a bit of a chuckle from Trista herself. The former reality star had some fun with the story on her personal Twitter.

That said, some fans weren’t all that impressed with Jay’s funny story.

At least Sutter didn’t wind up in a memoir Leno’s segment producer unleashed. Line producer Dave Berg wrote about the behind the scenes of the show. The most difficult guests included names like Christian Bale and Teri Hatcher.

[Image via CBS]