Casey Kasem Laid To Rest At Last: Wife Jean Buries Icon In Norway Six Months After His Death

Hollywood icon Casey Kasem was laid to rest in Norway, six months after his death in Washington. The family, Casey’s wife Jean and his older chlidren from a former marriage, had been stuck in a power struggle since before Kasem’s death. Despite an ongoing investigation into Jean’s handling of Casey toward the end of his life, she managed to bury him far away from his home.

As TMZ notes, Casey Kasem was laid to rest at the Vestre Gravlund, a cemetary in Norway. The burial is said to have taken place last Tuesday, with just a small ceremony put together. It’s unknown whether his wife Jean Kasem was there, but his older children, Kerri, Mike and Julie, were not. In fact, it seems they did not know until this week that he had finally been buried.

There has been an elder abuse investigation moving forward in California regarding Jean’s handling of Casey and his illness. Casey’s older children have alleged that Jean’s decision to move Casey across the country in his final weeks led to his death, and the Los Angeles Police Department has been investigating.

Now that Casey Kasem has been laid to rest in Norway at Jean’s direction, the LAPD and his children will be unable to fully explore just what happened as they cannot do an autopsy themselves. Kasem’s burial comes after Jean moved his body, more than once, keeping the adult children in the dark.

As the New York Daily News notes, Kasem died in June near Seattle. Though Kerri Kasem and her siblings fought to be involved in Casey’s burial and alleged that Jean mistreated their father, Jean kept them at arm’s length. Casey was first moved to Montreal, then to Norway as his kids allege that Jean was moving the body to sidestep their elder abuse allegations and investigation.

Kerri has alleged that Jean never even had the body embalmed and it is said Casey had no ties to either Montreal or Norway. Reports indicate that he had wished to be buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in California. Jean says she chose Norway because of her ancestral ties to the country, but many fans of the Hollywood icon are doubtful she’s being truthful.

For some time, Casey’s oldest children did not know where their father’s remains were or if he was even buried. Now they will unlikely receive any answers regarding the elder abuse allegations, but they now know their father is buried and they know where. Fans are outraged that it took six months for Casey Kasem to be laid to rest and wonder if Jean will ever be held accountable for the decisions she made which seemingly went against her husband’s wishes.

[Image via New York Daily News]