Ed Sheeran Steals Elton John’s Glasses, Achieves Top Album, And Loses 35 Pounds: Here’s How! [Video]

It’s been a long and winding road for Ed Sheeran from shy singer to attention stealer at Sir Elton John’s wedding. Although the focus initially was on Elton as he married David Furnish on Sunday, Sheeran “borrowed” Sir John’s famous rose-colored eyeglasses for an instantly viral group photo that he posted on Instagram, reported People magazine.

But although Elton looked pained as he realized that Ed had “borrowed” his famous frames, Sheeran’s post on Twitter made it clear that he had chosen to do the act in the spirit of love.


Sheeran’s center stage moment at the celebrity wedding symbolizes how he’s changed personally and professionally. His latest album has shattered records, and Ed proudly tweeted the news.

“11th week at #1 and 5 times platinum. UK, udabes”

Titled simply X, Sheeran’s album has scored the greatest one-week sales of any album in 2014, reported the Official Charts. As Ed noted, X just completed its 11th week at #1. In terms of numbers, 214,000 copies were sold in just seven days.

Sample a song from X below.

So how did Sheeran achieve that sexy new look? He revealed his weight loss secrets to Entertainment Tonight.

Working out was built into Ed’s preparation for the video. With two professional dancers chosen to tour with him, Sheeran danced away the calories eight hours daily for five days.

“I can see why dancers are in such good shape,” Ed admitted.

But it takes diet to slim down as well. Sheeran kept it simple with a beverage swap.

“I’ve dropped 35 pounds in like, three months just from not drinking beer. I’ve just replaced it with vodka.”

However, Ed did more than exchange his choice of alcohol, according to the New York Times. He admitted that his body had undergone a weighty roller-coaster that made him determined to diet.

“I went from an S to an M to an L, back to M, back to S.”

To stay at a size small, Sheeran cut out bread as well as the beer. He also has become a fan of Bulletproof coffee, which many Paleo diet and low-carb diet followers praise for its crave-cutting and health benefits. Ed even extolled the coffee blend at the Grammy Awards, below.


Sheeran isn’t the only celebrity fan of Bulletproof coffee. As the Inquisitr reported, Shailene Woodley also sips the buttery coffee blend. However, Woodley emphasizes that she listens to her body and changes her diet accordingly.

“I listen to my body. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m really tuned in to what it needs. Sometimes I can go weeks at a time without eating meat because all my body wants is vegetables and rice and not much protein. Then I’ll go through other times where for months on end I just need red meat or chicken or eggs right now. Our bodies are constantly changing, so if you were to eat a certain way forever, I don’t see how that could possibly be right for you.”

[Photo by Sonia Recchia/Getty Images for GILT]