Twitter Officially Takes Summize

It’s official: Twitter has taken Summize under its wing.

An acquisition was formally announced this afternoon. Summize’s services will be integrated under the Twitter brand and its staff of five engineers will move into Twitter’s San Francisco office.

As Twitter’s blog explains:

“Keeping up with interesting news and people you care about is one dimension of Twitter, but what if you need to find out what’s happening in the world beyond your personal timeline? How do you find out about updates from Mars? What do people think of the new Will Smith movie? Providing tools for filtering all the real-time information coursing through Twitter has long been part of our vision.

We introduced a feature called Track close to a year ago because we recognized filtering as a key component of the Twitter experience. The folks over at Summize discovered Twitter and significantly improved on this idea of filtering and search.”

The Summize features will start appearing in the near future, though no specific date has been mentioned.

So could Summize save Twitter? The Inquisitr Editor Duncan Riley had some thoughts about its value when the acquisition rumors first surfaced.

“If Twitter acquires Summize, it’s the investors buying competent management that understands scaling, a management team who might be able to save Twitter from its self inflicted death spiral. Here’s hoping that the fresh blood takes control soon,” he wrote last Monday.

Now that the deal is done, of course, only time will tell what it will — or won’t — change when it comes to the big picture.