Manchester United Target Mats Hummels Slams Current Football Club, Borussia Dortmund

In the world of sports, there is always a chance that a player will dislike his own team or club. It happens in every sport seemingly every year. The trend has continued this year in the NFL, NBA, and now the football/soccer world. Mats Hummels has been targeted by the English Premier League’s Manchester United. Considered one of the top clubs in the world, Man United seemingly always gets who they want.

Man United did have issues recently, and has been uncommonly bad in comparison to their epic teams of the past. That said, they are searching for top prospects that will help them in the future. Mats Hummels fits this mold well. He is the current Borussia Dortmund captain and someone Man United wants badly.

Many wondered why Mats Hummels would want to leave from a club that won back-to-back Bundesliga titles in 2011 and 2012, and who has also been second in the Champions League in the last few years. However, this year’s squad has looked miserable. Hummels wants to be with a current winner, which Dortmund has not been able to be this year, going down for their 11th loss of this season recently. They are now at the bottom of their division.

The 26-year-old Centre Back now considers his team pathetic, as Hummels told reporters.

“We’ve managed pretty well at home in recent weeks, but not at all away. It’s pretty astonishing that we are so pathetic.”

Despite how one feels about being at their club, to call your team pathetic is fighting words in the locker room. He could be telling the truth, but a man who is considered one of the top players on his team should be encouraging, not discouraging, to team moral. Due to this, there is a thought that a transfer could come about very soon just to get him out of the locker room.

Manager Jürgen Klopp is under tremendous pressure to get Borussia Dortmund at least out of the bottom of the division. There is a thought that since it is likely Dortmund could fall out of the Champions League, Klopp would end up allowing the sell of Mats Hummels in order to balance the books.

Now a huge chase is on, with Man United willing to shell out millions for Hummels, while Arsenal FC is also in the running. Man United is willing to spend €40 million, while it is speculated Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger cannot match such a price. So it is thought that Man United could land Mats and make him a featured member of the club, along with other prospects United is currently going after.

It appears to many that Man United would win if it comes down to money. Mats Hummels certainly wants out of Borussia Dortmund quickly, so this move could come sooner than most would expect it to.

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