Angelina Jolie Tears Up While Talking About New Film, ‘Unbroken’

Last week, Angelina Jolie was in the news for comments made about her by Sony executives that were leaked by hackers. But now Jolie wants to change the focus to her new film Unbroken.

I can’t talk about it without crying,” Jolie remarked to NBC’s Today correspondent Joelle Garguilo. Jolie sat down with Garguilo in an interview that aired yesterday on the popular morning talk and news show.

Jolie directed the film, Unbroken, which was first a best-selling book written by Laura Hillenbrand. The movie follows the life of inspirational Louis Zamperini, of whom Jolie was able to meet and work with before the G.I. passed away at the age of 97 earlier this year.

After reading the book, directing the movie became what the Today show refers to as a “passion project” for Jolie that she “could not wait to tell.” The story follows a US Olympic track team athlete who experiences an unbelievable ordeal during World War II that includes a plane crash, being lost at sea in shark-infested waters, and then surviving torture at the hands of the Japanese as a prisoner of war. And although many would consider it a privilege to share the story of such a heroic man, what made it even more special was the fact that Jolie got to develop a relationship with Louis Zamperini himself.

Jolie had only kind words for the World War II veteran, referring to him not only as a “father-figure” but also as a “friend.”

And although Jolie seems to ooze confidence, she stated in the interview that, “I wasn’t sure I was the best person to make the film, I would go and ask for advice and help and support [from] Louis.”

He clearly meant quite a bit to her, as Jolie was seen tearing up during the interview when Garguilo asked what it was like to be able to show Zamperini the rough draft of the film before he died in July. Jolie remarked that there were no words and that they “just looked at each other.” She added how she felt “honored.”

In a separate interview with NPR, Jolie admits it was hard to take the film from rough draft to final product because she “couldn’t cut a frame from his life.” She also felt pressure to get it right because “to fail is so fail him.”

Jolie spoke on what Zamperini wanted the film to be for others, to “remind others…what the human spirit is. ” Zamperini also wanted Jolie to convey how he “saw greatness in others” and wanted everyone “to realize their potential.”

Jolie also stated that she wasn’t the only one affected by the inspirational and sweet Zamperini, but that he also had an affect on her children.

Many look forward to the release of Angelina Jolie’s masterpiece, Unbroken, set to air in theaters on Christmas day.

[Photo Courtesy of Today]