Day After Christmas Sales: Major Shopping Day Has Amazing Deals Not To Be Underestimated

Day after Christmas sales are a good way to get some of the best deals out there. It’s not all about Black Friday and Super Saturday before Christmas.

It might surprise you just how busy this day is because those receiving gift cards on Christmas are anxious to spend them. It’s also a day that clothes are exchanged more than normal.

For this year’s day after Christmas sales, it’s predicted that there will be a huge boost in traffic compared to what there was in 2013 since it lands on a Friday. Today reports that the impact is expected to last throughout the weekend. Huge markdowns on holiday merchandise is offered during day after Christmas sales.

Scott Bernhardt, president of global business weather intelligence firm Planalytics, gives an interesting perspective on what makes this such a popular shopping day for retailers. He says since temperatures are expected to drop after Christmas, it encourages shoppers to buy warm clothes and accessories for the cold days ahead. This leads to an early redemption in gift cards, which retailers love since they can’t register the sale until it’s redeemed, Bernhardt says.

“You’ll see a lot of redemptions come into December that otherwise would have come into January, and that can’t hurt.”

For the 2014 day after Christmas shopping day, it’s anticipated to be the second-largest shopping day of the year. FOX 5 in San Diego wrote an article about Super Saturday sales. It also credits lower gasoline prices and a better job market for better consumer spending. People are more likely to plunk down some cash when their mood is in good spirits.

Consumer spending makes up two-thirds of the economy.

Retailers may not offer the deepest discounts until after December 26. They’re seeing an influx of shoppers the day after Christmas for sales already posted. There are many sales to take full advantage on the day after Christmas. This year is predicted to be one bringing in substantial revenue since it falls on a Friday. Many take an extra day off work on December 26 and plan to shop.

[Image via SM City Davao]