‘Gracepoint’ Includes ‘Doctor Who’ Easter Eggs, Triggers All Our David Tennant Feels

Many Americans didn’t know about the reboot of Doctor Who until Matt Smith had joined the cast, but for a certain segment of fans, David Tennant was, and remains, their Doctor. The role of the time-traveling Time Lord, however, isn’t something that’s easily left behind.

Tennant, sometimes referred to as “Ten” by fans, referring to his role as the 10th incarnation of the Doctor, has moved on to a little show called Gracepoint. The show debuted on Fox this October, and was an American remake of the brilliant British Broadchurch. In November, producer Chris Chibnall tweeted photos of some props from Tennant’s desk, though it took the rest of us a bit of time to notice.

Catch that? Each of the companions from Tennant’s time on Doctor Who is trying to reach Detective Carver, Tennant’s character on Gracepoint. Donna Noble is asking for a call because she has information about the library (a reference to the episode “Silence in the Library”), Martha Jones called because she has information about Sally Sparrow (Don’t “Blink,” whatever you do), and the most heart-wrenching — Rose Tyler telephoned, something about a wolf? And her message is the only one that has “wants to see you” checked.

Just salt the wounds, won’t you?

The Mary Sue and io9 originally reported that Tennant had penned the messages himself; Susan Hewitt of David Tennant News later corrected the record. It seems that while the Doctor took the photos, he did not write the messages himself. Seems there may be a Doctor Who fan on the props team.

Doctor Who fans were delighted by these little gems.

With a new episode of Doctor Who to view on Christmas Day, fans are readying for what we suspect will be the departure of Clara, the impossible girl, and perhaps the introduction of the next companion. Rumors have swirled for several months over who will be tapped next, though nothing official has been declared. Only time will tell.

It’s fair to say, for a certain number of Whovians, waiting for the Christmas episode of Doctor Who is better than anything they’ll find under the tree.

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