‘Community’ Star And ‘The Soup’ Host Hilariously Solicits Sony For TV Discount, Email Leaks Show

Community star and The Soup host Joel McHale apparently took the cancellation of his primetime network series in stride. As controversy continues to flood from the hacked Sony emails, one email exchange that has been seemingly glossed over shows McHale graciously asking Sony Pictures Television president Steve Mosko for his employee discount on an $8,000 65-inch X950B 4K Ultra HD television, a request the studio head was happy to grant.

In the email, McHale addresses a person named “Fayanne,” presumably an assistant to Mosko, and opens with a cheeky, light-hearted greeting.

“It’s Joel McHale. You might remember me from such canceled Sony TV shows as—Community. Sad. Very sad.”

It turns out that McHale was in luck — the television turned out to be on sale for the bargain price of only $6,000. Mosko seemed more than willing to oblige McHale’s request, instructing him to “just get it,” and to “put it against community deal with money later.”

Sony’s hacked emails have spiraled from a logistical crisis to a PR nightmare, with private conversations between studio executives speaking critically of Hollywood stars such as Denzel Washington, Adam Sandler, and Angelina Jolie, among others. Execs referred to Jolie as “out of her mind,” Sandler as not being worth the company’s investment, and Washington not being a viable international box office draw.

Perhaps the most controversial of the emails criticized comedian Kevin Hart for seeking additional financial compensation for leveraging his robust social media following to promote his films. The leaks also forced the cancellation of the Seth Rogan/James Franco vehicle, The Interview, a move which has drawn criticism from everyone from George Clooney to President Barack Obama.

Though news of a Sony/Marvel collaboration that will see Spider-Man appear on the next Captain America movie and possibly The Avengers sequels has been received favorably by fans of the genre, the McHale email represents a welcome bit of positivity and levity in the face of the backlash the studio continues to endure as more information from the hacked emails becomes public.

As for McHale, the cancellation of Community, McHale’s first lead role in a primetime series, was a seeming inevitability that saw Community creator Dan Harmon and McHale constantly fighting for greater studio support and a seeming ever present threat of cancellation. Thought to be a cult favorite, Community was saved from the axe on numerous occasions by the outpouring of support from the show’s passionate and vocal fan base.

In reference to the leaked email, McHale confirmed his request.

“You bet your sweet ass I want my employee discount! 4K’s are outstanding.”


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