Michael Vick: Jameis Winston Is The Future Of The NFL

Jameis Winston may not be in the NFL yet, but he just got the endorsement from one of its most groundbreaking quarterbacks.

New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick, the most effective running quarterback in NFL history, said he thinks the Florida State quarterback will be the future of the NFL.

“I think he’s the future of the NFL,” Vick said of last year’s Heisman Trophy winner, according to NJ.com. “I’ve been around so long, I appreciate guys coming out of college. I look forward to watching him. I have high expectations for him.”

Michael Vick and Jameis Winston compare well on the field. Both bring an incredible athleticism to the field, making plays with both their strong arms, quick thinking, and fast feet.

But both have had problems off the field as well. Vick served time in federal prison for dog fighting, and Winston has been suspended from his team for conduct, and has been the center of a sexual assault investigation, though charges were not filed.

Vick acknowledged Winston’s problems with maturity, saying he believes the Heisman Trophy winner would overcome them.

“I think he, over time, has made some poor decisions,” Vick said of Winston. “Have I been there to know exactly what happened? No.

“But I do know one thing: He may make some poor decisions, but he gets on that football field and he plays his a** off. Yeah, he can mature. He’ll mature. I see him maturing as time goes on. Like, this year hasn’t been as bad of a year as the first year was for Jameis. I think the kid will continue to improve.”

Michael Vick isn’t the only one high on Jameis Winston. His coach Jimbo Fisher said he believed Winston would get selected at the top of the NFL draft, if he chose to enter this year.

“We’re gonna have a talk here in the next couple days, before we go into break,” said Fisher Friday on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike, of the possibility of Winston declaring for the NFL draft. “I really don’t know. I really don’t. Jameis loves college football. But I think he’s going to be one of the top-two players drafted, at the same time.

“So he’s got to make a choice. He’s got to see what he wants to do, but it would not shock me either way.”

If Jameis Winston does enter the draft, there’s a chance he and Michael Vick could be teammates next year. The Jets will be selecting near the top of the draft and could be looking for a quarterback after Geno Smith was benched this year.