Rex Ryan Rumor: Jets Coach Could Be Headed To Atlanta Falcons Next Year

Rex Ryan is rumored to be headed to the Atlanta Falcons next year, with his dismissal from the New York Jets seeming increasingly likely.

Rex Ryan once seemed to be a fixture with the New York Jets, leading the team to the AFC Championship game in his first two season there. But since then, the team has failed to get over the hump, and this year is mired in a 3-11 season.

Now NFL reporter Jason Cole is reporting that Ryan could have a new landing point, with the Falcons very interested in bringing him next year.

Sources close to the Jets have already claimed that Ryan is on the way out. He has reportedly been on the hot seat for much of the season, and even Ryan himself believes that he will be gone from the team next year.

The New York Post’s Mark Cannizzaro reported earlier this year that Ryan had told close friends that he expects to be fired. Ryan reportedly said that Jets general manager had been telling scouts and other coaches that his plan was to fire Ryan and bring in his own coach.

“Did he think that wasn’t going to get back to me?” an angered Ryan told one confidant.

Ryan said much of his team’s problems have come from the lack of a franchise quarterback. He raised that point this week, when talking about the Patriots and their success.

“Brady is a huge reason for it,” Ryan said. “It’s obviously a very successful system. But I think having that consistency at the quarterback position probably makes it a little easier than maybe other teams have gone through. I’ll just leave it at that.”

If the Atlanta Falcons are looking for an upgrade on defense, Rex Ryan will likely be able to provide it. He has made his mark on the Jets as a defensive-minded coach, and turned the Jets into one of the most feared units — although this year doesn’t exactly show it. The Jets rank near the bottom of the league in yards allowed.