Lauren Simpson Flaunts Sculpted Physique For Killer Hip Thrust Workout

Fitness model Lauren Simpson took to popular social media site Instagram on Wednesday, October 14, to post a new workout video set in which she trained her lower body.

For the workout, Lauren wore an all-red outfit that consisted of a sports bra and leggings and included white stripes up the sides. The top also featured white straps securing it to her shoulders.

Much of her upper body was left exposed, drawing the eye to her sculpted arms, shoulders, and back. A large strip of toned tummy was also left on display.

The leggings rose to Lauren's belly button and contoured to the curves of her hips, backside, and legs. They ended at her ankles in a pair of white ankle socks and light gray sneakers.

Lauren completed the gym look with her long, platinum blond tresses styled in a low ponytail to keep her hair out of her face during her routine. She pinned back loose strands with a clip at her forehead.

The hip thrust workout took place at the World Gym Northern Beaches, according to the geotag on the post. Lauren used a large barbell equipped with heavy plate weights to complete the exercises and carried them out on a blue bench. She demonstrated a total of four moves, each featured in an individual video clip.

For all four moves, the fitness trainer positioned her back against the bench while bending her knees and raising her hips in a tabletop position. She rested the barbell across her lap.

In the first slide, Lauren pressed the bar up toward the ceiling and then held the position for five seconds before releasing and repeating the movement.

The second move required her to perform a full repetition and then pulse once she pushed her hips all the way up.

The third slide featured a similar exercise to the first two, but Lauren maintained constant tension with each rep.

In the final video, Lauren placed the bar off to the side and performed the thrusts with her arms raised in front of her chest.

In the caption of the post, Lauren told her followers that they can complete the routine at home or at the gym. If they choose to work out at home and don't have access to a barbell, they can substitute with a dumbbell. The routine can be used during a training session or as a finisher on lower body day.

Lauren's latest post earned a few thousand likes and a couple dozen comments within the first couple hours of appearing on the photo-sharing site.