Hot Chocolate Cookie Recipes That Are A Must Try!

Cy Holl

Hot chocolate just may be the drink of the season, more so even than egg nog. The warm, rich and creamy substance makes any day better. For those more adventurous types, homemade hot chocolate may be the ticket, for others the pre-measured packets do just fine.

But what else can be done with the chocolaty goodness? Betty Crocker has a cupcake mix available, and it is pretty tasty.

Yet, cookies are a seasonal favorite, and my favorite too. And what's better than hot chocolate cookies?

The first recipe comes from Swiss Miss®, an iconic name in the the hot cocoa business.

Hot Cocoa Cookies (Swiss Miss®)

Rachel Ray Magazine isn't being left out of this hot chocolate party. The magazine's website offers up a decadent, from-scratch cookie that is a beauty.

Hot Cocoa Cookies (Rachel Ray Magazine)

Line cookies sheets with parchment and begin doling out the dough. Take a tablespoon of dough and roll it between your palms to form balls and line them along the pan, about two inches apart. Flatten them slightly before baking for 12 minutes, or until the tops of the cookies are just cracked. Take a square of the left over chocolate and half of a marshmallow (just snip the marshmallow in two), and place on the cookies. The chocolate goes in first, and makes sure the cut side of the marshmallow is pressed into the cookie. Bake for another four minutes or until the marshmallows soften. Let cool for five minutes before shaving chocolate over the still warm cookies. Using a spatula, transfer the hot chocolate cookies to a cooling rack to rest. This recipes makes 60 cookies.

Hot chocolate in any form is delicious. Whether you are making a more simple cookie or breaking out all of your baking skills, these recipes are sure to be a hit at any holiday gathering. The only question you must ask is if you will be having hot chocolate with your hot chocolate... cookies. Enjoy.

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