Miley Cyrus And Patrick Schwarzenegger Reportedly Got Married At A Party, Is It True?

Rumors have been flying since Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus started dating. Whether it be reports of pregnancy, wild parties, recreational drug use, or more, the pair has become a mainstay in the headlines.

A new report has surfaced, claiming the duo may have recently gotten married at a wild party. The ceremony is rumored to have happened in secrecy, and was officiated by one of Miley’s littlest friends. There has been no reported reaction from Miley or Patrick’s parents at this time.

The report by Hollywood Life claims that Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger attended a wild party that featured an abundance of alcohol and liquor. The event allegedly took place early this month in a friend’s hotel suite. Coincidentally, the time frame matches that of the pregnancy rumors. Miley has not been seen with a ring on her finger, leaning toward the rumor being false. However, it was claimed that the entire event happened so quickly that jewelry shopping was an afterthought.

Despite the hurried nature of the supposed wedding, an unnamed source that is close to Miley Cyrus allegedly claimed that an ordained minister was at the ready. The officiant was a member of Miley’s Bangerz Tour.

“A little person stripper pal of Miley’s who’s ordained as a minister was waiting.”

It is claimed that Miley summoned her inner Martha Stewart and used 24K gold rolling papers to make impromptu wedding bands. The papers are from Miley’s own line and cost $65 for 12 sheets.

Although the rumor of marriage is rather believable when it is associated with Miley’s wild lifestyle, it has been found to be nothing more than a rumor, according to Gossip Cop. The story first appeared as an exclusive in Life & Style, which has previously published blatant lies about the former Hannah Montana star. According to the exclusive article, the event happened in Nashville on December 6. However, the same article reported that the ceremony would not be considered legal unless Patrick and Miley file for a marriage license, which has not yet occurred.

Due to the popularity of Miley and Patrick’s relationship, and the drama that accompanies it, there are sure to be an abundance of rumors on the horizon. However, claims of pregnancy, suicide by slitting wrists, and marriage are nothing more than rumor. When and if the pair decide to solidify their relationship and expand their family, it can be assumed they will make an official announcement when they are ready.

[Photo Courtesy: E Online]