‘Glee’ Season 6 Promo And Spoilers: Back To McKinley

Are you ready to say goodbye to McKinley High and your favorite characters? When Glee season 6 premieres in a few weeks, you’ll see the beginning of the farewell via Fox’s promotion of the show, you’re not likely to forget that the series finale is coming.

Just take a look at the key art for Glee season 6 TV Guide posted. The words “the final season” aside, it reads “take a bow” and features the cast arm in arm o the stage, just like at the end of a performance. As TV Guide notes, Kurt and Blaine have their arms around one another even though “they’ll be on shaky ground” this year.

E! Online has posted the new gallery photos, along with some scoop about each character. As you can see, Rachel, Kurt, Mr. Schue, Sue, Coach Beiste, Mercedes, Artie, Puck, Santana, Brittany, Blaine, Sam and Tina are back for the show’s last episodes.

In the time since the season 5 finale, Rachel is leaving New York to return home after her attempt to make it on TV led to her burning all her bridges in the city. She has a new gig – coaching the glee club. Kurt returns home with Rachel to help her out, and they’ll be dealing with five new characters in the club: the “super-positive and weird” twin Cheerios Mason and Madison, football player and “post-Glee gay” Spencer, the “unconventionally pretty and drily funny” Jane, who joins after the Warblers tell her no and the new underdog, Roderic, “who has a voice like Otis Redding.”

In his photo, Puck is still in uniform, so it looks like he is still in the Air Force. Santana and Brittany are going to get married, but there is a “shocking twist” during the ceremony, which will take place in the ninth episode. Also, you’ll see the Unholy Trinity again, as Santana, Quinn and Brittany will perform at least once in their old cheer-leading uniforms on the football field, with the marching band.

Blaine has “a surprising” new job and gets “quite close to Dave Karofsky,” which could explain the “shaky ground” he and Kurt are on in Glee season 6. Also, get ready to meet his mother, Pam Anderson. Oh, and file Sam under the list of those with “surprising” jobs this season.

With Rachel taking over Mr. Schue’s previous job, he also has a “surprising” new one. It’s possible that he’s the lead coach for Vocal Adrenaline. Sue has “banished all arts from McKinley High” and is “dead set on making sure Rachel and Kurt” fail in their attempt to bring back Glee. Beiste is going to “have a huge story arc…as she embarks on a journey of intense self-discovery and goes through quite a lot of changes.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Rachel will be singing “Let It Go” from Frozen this season, and you can get a sneak peek at that in the Glee season 6 promo that Zap2it has posted. In the video below, when Rachel tells Sue that she and Kurt are bringing back the glee club, she warns them, “you will beg for death.” Some things never change. Also in the promo check out Blaine with the Warblers, Santana and Brittany with the Cheerios and Will seemingly passing the baton to Rachel.

Glee season 6 premieres Friday, January 9 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

[Image via Fox]