Want To Watch ‘The Interview’ Full Movie Online Without Using A Download Link? You’re Not Alone…

Paula Mooney - Author

Dec. 24 2014, Updated 8:29 a.m. ET

Update: The Interview full movie is now online at YouTube Movies, Google Play and Xbox Video: Here are the links to the full movie, now online on Christmas Eve.

This reporter went on a hunt to watch The Interview movie online — after all, with Sony pulling the movie from theaters and claiming they have no immediate plans to release a video-on-demand version of The Interview, that makes the general public want to watch The Interview even more.

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In searching through YouTube and Google for terms like “watch The Interview full movie online, no download link,” I saw a plethora of videos that appeared to be promising, YouTube videos are available that the creators intentionally made more than one hour long to appear as if they were a way to watch the full film version of The Interview online. However, upon playing those videos, viewers were encouraged to click other links, which may have been nefarious.

The fact that most of the videos that pop up on YouTube when one types “watch The Interview full movie online, no download link” into the YouTube search engine are videos with YouTube’s standard “301 views” — meaning those videos are getting so many plays right now that YouTube has paused the views at 301 to ensure the legitimacy of the traffic — proves people want to watch The Interview online ASAP.

However, the fact that most of those scam videos claiming you can watch The Interview online have all thumbs-down voting means that people aren’t falling for the scam — and visiting any nefarious, off-site links which could be phishing scams or viruses isn’t recommended.

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Alas, the Boston Herald reports, there are no pirated links online of The Interview full movie online yet — at least not as of Wednesday. Variety also points to the same findings from Excipio, which stated that piracy of movies like The Interview is still alive and well online.

Therefore, with so much buzz surrounding The Interview making people want to watch what they’re being told they can’t watch online even more so, it’s just a matter of time before full copies of The Interview movie are available — by hook or crook — to watch online.

Already, threads on Reddit are pointing to funny memes that declare people will find The Interview to watch online, and how telling people not to watch The Interview makes them want to watch The Interview, or others calling on the shuttered Pirate Bay website for help.

For now, as reported by the Inquisitr, we have the ending scene of The Interview to watch online, a video that’s popping up everywhere online to watch until the full movie leaks online.

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