‘Covert Affairs’ Spoilers, Renewal News: What Can Fans Expect From ‘Gold Soundz’?

The Season 5 Covert Affairs finale airs on the USA network Thursday night, and it looks like it will be a great one. Annie and McQuaid are in Argentina struggling to get Belenko to the States, and Auggie is questioning his future. What can fans expect from this season finale? Will the show return for Season 6?

Covert Affairs spoilers via TV Guide indicate that McQuaid and Annie will have differing opinions regarding what to do with Belenko. Should they cut their losses with him or keep him with them? It’s going to be an emotional hour, it seems, though fans will have to tune in to see how it all plays out.

Co-creator and executive producer Chris Ord teases that, emotionally, the whole season has been leading up to this episode. Fans will get some answers to outstanding questions, but new questions will be raised as well. Zap2It adds some additional White Collar spoilers to the mix. Auggie will be questioning the cost that comes with a future in the CIA. Someone in the DPD family will be asked to run for office, which would bring a spotlight to the whole team.

What about Season 6 of Covert Affairs? So far, USA has not renewed the show, but it hasn’t been canceled either. Christopher Gorham, who plays Auggie, tells TVLine that everybody needs to cross all of their fingers and toes. He says that the season finale could serve as a series finale, but he doesn’t think it’s the ending that the audience would want or like. He adds that it’s certainly not where everybody would want to leave the stories of these characters.

Despite that, it sounds as if those with the show are bracing themselves for this to be the end just in case. The White Collar series finale airs just ahead of the Season 5 Covert Affairs finale on USA Thursday night, and fans are hoping they won’t be left too blown away by the night when all is said and done. While fans will have to wait for renewal or cancellation news for now, TVLine currently lists a Covert Affairs renewal as a safe bet, so that gives fans hope.

How will things be left at the end of the Season 5 Covert Affairs finale? Will everybody get to see a Season 6 next year? Fans will find out soon as “Gold Soundz” airs on USA on December 18.

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