Rick Ross’ Weight Loss: New ‘Good Morning America’ Video With Rick Ross Talks About The Diet That Helped Him Lose 85 Pounds

Rick Ross has talked about his weight loss journey in the past, as reported by the Inquisitr, dubbing his workouts "RossFit" instead of "CrossFit" – with Rick describing to the world how Ross has dropped approximately 85 pounds by changing the way he eats and exercises.

In a new video released on Thursday from Good Morning America, Rick Ross sheds more light on his weight loss success. For breakfast, Ross says he'll eat things like three eggs and turkey bacon – with Rick saying he's gotten rid of soda-drinking and habits like eating at 2 a.m. in order to lose weight.

Ross' "shout out to all the pear" statement went viral, after Rick admitted he began eating fruits and things he didn't normally eat. CrossFit workout programs helped Ross succeed because he said he was building muscle and using the gym time for intense workouts, instead of merely a 30-minute treadmill stint, for example.

Rick Ross' new album and "slimmy trimmy" figure was the topic of a lively discussion between Ross as he shared his weight loss with GMA's Sara Haines. Ross said it was health concerns that started him on his weight loss journey of 85 pounds lost thus far.

"Two years ago I suffered two seizures. And I woke up from that, wow, I really need to, you know, re-evaluate what I'm doing. I wanted to cut back on some of the drinking I was doing, sleep more, watch what I ate."

After his breakfast of eggs and turkey bacon, Ross says he then gets ready for his workout. And what do female fans think of Rick Ross slimming down? Ross opened his jacket to reveal a thinner stomach, but didn't want women to get his weight loss twisted.

"I had a few chicks. Come on. You already know I'm still -- I still got it. Ain't nothing nowhere, just better with it."

No matter the amount of pounds lost, Rick Ross says the weight loss won't affect his music.

"No, the music comes from my heart, my mind set. After I sit down and absorb this great interview, there's something that's going to come to me that's going into a record."

In the GMA video on Yahoo, Rick Ross' weight loss is also attributable to not ordering as many steaks, although exercise aficionados know that lean steak without all the extra butter and fat can make for a great source of protein.

[Image credit of Rick Ross: GMA]