‘Pyongyang’: Steve Carell Movie Cancelled Over North Korea Threat Fears

Pyongyang has been cancelled. The new Steve Carell movie, like The Interview, mocks North Korea. Just a few hours before Sony decided to cancel the release of The Interview, New Regency opted to stop production on the film about an American living in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Steve Carell’s Pyongyang film was to be directed by Gore Verbinski. Carell was playing the American living in North Korea. Pyongyang was described as a “thriller” based on Guy Delisle’s graphic novel about life inside the totalitarian state of North Korea. Steve Conrad wrote the script for the now defunct film.

Sad day for creative expression. #feareatsthesoul

— Steve Carell (@SteveCarell) December 17, 2014

After learning that Pyongyang, like The Interview, would not be released due to fears about North Korea threats as had been levied against Sony, Steve Carell tweeted, “Sad day for creative expression.” The Twitter post was followed with the hashtag – #feareatsthesoul.

Shortly after the initial Steve Carell Pyongyang cancellation tweet, the comedic actor posted an old black-and-white photo of Charlie Chaplin playing a mocking version of Adolf Hitler in the 1941 hit film, The Great Dictator. The Three Stooges also made a comedy flick poking fun of ruling dictators, a Donald Duck cartoon lambasting Adolf Hitler was also released during World War II. The Red Dawn original cult classic as well as the lesser-received remake, also depicted Communist leaders in a negative light.

Pyongyang was reportedly set to begin production in March. Steve Carell’s character in the movie set in North Korea was accused of espionage while working in the Communist state ruled by Kim Jong-un.

New Regency has not yet commented publicly about the decision to halt production on the Pyongyang film. Guy Delisle was reportedly one of the few authors from the West to be allowed into Communist North Korea. The writer spent two months in the region while working for a French film animation company.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Department of Homeland Security and FBI investigators said the Sony emails cyber attack was conducted by Bureau 121 of North Korea. A group calling itself the Guardians Of Peace issued the “9/11 style attack” if The Interview was shown on Christmas day threat to Sony. Many feel that New Regency was attempting to avoid similar security and financial risk by cancelling Pyongyang.

What do you think about the Sony decision to cancel The Interview due to North Korea threats and the production halt on Steve Carell’s Pyongyang?

[Image via: The Independent]