Selena Gomez Struggling To Put Justin Bieber ‘Behind Her’: ‘It’s A Process’

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s now ended romance is reported to be “up and down,” according to a new report from E!

The outlet adds “The Heart Wants What It Wants” singer is “trying to put him behind her,” but is struggling to do so.

“It’s hard because they have just so much history,” a source tells E! “It is a process…”

The outlet goes on to note the on-and-off nature of Justin and Selena’s 4-year relationship, which crashed and burned at the end of September during their Paris Fashion Week trip.

At the time, tabloids claimed model Kendall Jenner was the cause of their split. However, the Estee Lauder model stated in a subsequent Nightline interview that the Biebs was just a “longtime friend” of her family.

E! went on to reiterate the actress-singer’s own words in numerous interviews that she still loves her ex-beau. Indeed, in the Latina’s most recent phone interview with Norway’s NRJ radio the 22-year-old said she still has “so much respect and love” for Justin.

It’s stated that Selena is being helped through the “process” of letting go of the Canadian heartthrob by her family and friends, including Taylor Swift. Additionally, the source says she’s “very active in her church.”

E!’s insider adds that “getting an occasional text from Justin can put a damper on her day.”

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(Photo: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in Canada during a romantic vacation last August)

However, E!’s authentically sourced, non-sensationalist report is a million miles away from the melodrama currently being churned out by Hollywood Life and Us Weekly.

Referring to the number of texts the Biebs allegedly sends Selena, Hollywood Life and Us Weekly claim sources revealed it was “many texts.”

It’s claimed Selena often ignores these texts but then wants Justin to contact her when he goes silent. Both outlets allege the Biebs is “begging to reconcile” with the songstress.

“Justin can throw her [Selena] into a tailspin with just one text,” a source allegedly told US Weekly, and claims these consist of random ‘just thinking about you’ texts that escalate to ‘give me another chance’ messages.

Hollywood Life is also claiming Selena is ignoring Justin’s calls.

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(Photo: Is Selena really ignoring Justin's calls?)

All of which sounds very different to E! News’ report that Bieber’s texts are “occasional.”

If the exaggeration in Us Weekly’s story isn’t bad enough, another claim is actually fabricated.

The magazine also claims a source said, “Days after their break up, Justin crashed a party that he knew Selena was at.”

“He was flirting in front of her, doing everything he could to make her jealous,” their alleged source added. “He called her, crying and apologizing.”

However, the timeline of Us Weekly’s story doesn’t hold water. Bieber stayed on in Europe for nearly two weeks with his dad, Jeremy, who joined him in Paris after Selena flew back to Los Angeles from Paris on October 1.

Bieber only returned to the U.S. on October 12. Two days later, he threw a homecoming party at his Beverly Hills condo pad on October 14, as TMZ and multiple outlets reported at the time.

Justin Bieber And Jeremy Bieber
(Photo: The singer and his father Jeremy at the Louvre in Paris in early October during a night visit)

Given that Bieber is constantly tracked by paparazzi around the world, it’s unrealistic that there were no sightings of him “crashing” a party that Selena allegedly attended.

In addition, despite US Weekly’s claim that Selena “cried and threw a fit” at Taylor’s 25th birthday bash at her New York City apartment on December 17, that story is also refuted. The starlet’s rep told E! “Selena had the best time at Taylor’s birthday party.”

The upshot? There appears to be a lot of exaggeration and a degree of invention among the current claims related to Gomez’s ongoing efforts to move on from Bieber.

“I support him. I think I always will,” the pop princess told Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM radio show in November.

She added, “I’m upset when he’s upset, I’m happy when he’s happy. I don’t want anything to ever happen to him bad. It hurts me. That’s all.”