‘Team America’ To Replace ‘The Interview’ In Texas Theater, Twitter Loves It

The Interview may have been pulled by Sony following the alleged hack from North Korea, but a theater in Texas is not taking it sitting down. They decided to replace it by showing Team America, and Twitter loves it.

In a bold move, the movie house has decided to replace the canned Sony film with the 2004 animated action/adventure called Team America: World Police, which ridicules Kim Jong-Un’s late father, Kim Jong-Il. From the responses on Twitter, people are loving the fact that this theater is trying to take a stance.

Sony Studios has been living a nightmare, after hackers got into their systems and their personal emails were made public. Among the embarrassing details coming out of this breach, communications between top exec Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin show how they made fun of the President of the United States.

After the hackers threatened 9/11 type attacks on theaters showing the controversial comedy The Interview — which depicts a plot to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un — two major movie distributors decided not to show the film this weekend, forcing Sony to pull the movie nationwide. But one theater in Texas is not putting up with the secretive nation’s bullying, and will show Team America in response to the threats.

The decision to cancel what was to be The Interview’s opening weekend was received with dismay by many, as they saw Sony caving to the terrorist threats. On social media, people are enthusiastically receiving the news that the Alamo Drafthouse in Dallas, Texas, will creatively replace the comedy.

In other words, people are happy that someone is doing something in the face of this unprecedented attack on a Hollywood production. We don’t know what the decision to show Team America in place of The Interview will mean in the end, but it’s a small way of showing North Korea — which was officially blamed for the hack attack by the National Security Council officials on Wednesday night — that the U.S. won’t be intimidated so easily.

Many are concerned that, by caving to North Korean threats, Sony Studios is setting precedent for any group to make demands of Hollywood or any other industry.

UPDATE: This afternoon Paramount also fell victim to the same terrorists that forced Sony to pull The Interview from movie theaters and cancelled planned screenings of the 2004 animated film Team America: World Police, which ridicules the late North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, father of Kim Jong Un.

The statement from the Texas theater which had plans to show Team America to take a stance, comes after other tweets indicating that this particular movie house appeared to be challenging the hackers. In a tweet, Rob Lowe summed up the general feelings of frustration.

What do you think of the decision to pull Team America? Should Paramount have gone ahead with the screenings?

[Image via Paramount Pictures]