Anna Chlumsky Turns Heads at “The Iron Lady” Premiere [Video]

Anna Chlumsky may never be able to fully shake her “My Girl” image, but the actress, now 32, has certainly moved on to bigger and better things. Last night Chlumsky wowed photographers in a stunning red dress during “The Iron Lady” premiere.

Chlumsky, who played Vada Margaret Sultenfuss opposite Macaulay Culkin in the 1991 hit, “My Girl,” took a break from acting during her teenage years. But Chlumsky is slowly building up her resume once again.

Anna told the Daily Mail that she took a break from acting because she didn’t want to go down the dangerous path that many other child stars have followed. Chlumsky said:

‘I didn’t want to go down any scarier path of low self-esteem than I was already on the track for. So during my second year of college I was like, “I’m over it! I have to go see what this other thing called life is about!”

Here’s a clip of the movie that made Chlumsky a household name.

In recent years, Chlumsky has made her return to acting. She’s had parts in TV shows like “30 Rock,” “Law and Order” and “White Collar.”

Chlumsky said:

“It’s like breathing again. Even on the worst days I am without a doubt still happier doing this than I am doing anything else.”

The Daily Mail reports that Chlumsky is set to star next to Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the new comedy “Veep” which will hit the small screen next year.

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